Since the Livingston Theatre Company was founded in 1999, the company has maintained the highest quality of student run theater at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. As we prepare our mainstage productions we are always reaching for new heights, and as always we ask for your help in making the magic happen. The LTC recieves funding from a few large contributors, but we cannot produce and maintain our level of excellence without support and donations from members throughout the surrounding communities.

Financial gifts to the Livingston Theatre Company are fully tax-deductible. All gifts will be acknowledged with a propmt letter that also serves as a record for your tax purposes. The following types of gifts can be made:

Matching Donations

Matching donations are offered by many leading coroprations. The LTC maintains a database of all those that do. Your contribution many result in a dollar for dollar match by the company which you work for. When making a donation please let us know the name of your employer, and we will doo all th enecessary filing on your part and submit the necessary documentation. If you would like to help update our database and you know your place of business does Donation Matching, please forward their contact information to

Monetary Donations

Donations are the life blood of the theatre comapny. Your tax deductible dollars will help ensure the livelihood of the theatre company. Many have been generous, and this page is deidcatied to them. We would like to thank them with all our hearts and we hope that by their generous example, you too will dontate what you can to ensure that the Livingston Theatre Company continues its worthwile mission.

In-Kind Donations

Donations of costumes, equipment, and other materials are asked for and welcome. Tax deductible credit is available for items that are worth $50 or more. All accepted donations must be in good working ocnditions and must be pre-approved. You can gain pre-approval but contacting us!

Program Advertisments

For those busniesses interested in advertising to the Rutgers community and Middlesex County population, we offer space in our show programs. Our prices for space are competitve and your ad will be seen by nearly one thousand patrons each production. More rpominent space in our programs, in our box office, and on our posters is also available. Contact to obtain a sheet listing ad prices.

For more information on how to support the LTC please email us at To make a donation, please send a check or money order to the following address:

The Livingston Theatre Company
ATTN: Jerry Smith
84 Joyce Kilmer Aveune, Room 121
Piscataway NJ, 08854