Legally Blonde callback list

Congratulations to the following people on being called back for our production of Legally Blonde!

Callbacks are located Yorba Lounge in Tillett Hall (Livingston Campus), on Saturday February 11,2012.

Please be aware, that YORBA LOUNGE IS NOT WHERE YOU AUDITIONED (but very close by across the quad)! Please leave time to take weekend busses! We ask that you try to arrive 15 minutes before your call time. (It’s also supposed to snow tomorrow, so leave EXTRA time as the busses may be Slow).

You will be placed through a dance combination, please dress appropriately (sneakers/sweats/leggings)! Bring water and snackies and prepare to be with us for 2-3 hours.

If you have a conflict with your arrival time tomorrow (or are running late), please call/text our stage manager Ryan (immediately) at 732-535-4069. (Anyone who has conflicts with ICCAs, we know you have to leave. Don’t worry about that)



  • Alyssa Filannino
  • Alyssa Krompier
  • Andy Martinez
  • Angela Laszkow
  • Angelina Plaza
  • Carly Conroy
  • Christen Demnitz
  • Corin Conroy
  • Crysta Sotirhos
  • Dan English
  • Diana Heisroth
  • Ellie Kahn
  • Emily Johnsons
  • Erica Nadera
  • Eugene McDermott
  • Gina Ventura
  • Hayli Wolkowitz
  • James Duffy
  • Joseph O’Leary
  • Justin Brown
  • Kate Callahan
  • Katie Bryck
  • Kim Gorman
  • Kristen Ferris
  • Marie Brodrick
  • Maryann Slater
  • Sam Orner
  • Sara West
  • Skylar Seidenberg
  • Taylor Mckay
  • Tom Young



  • Alex Dabrowski
  • Andrea Keister
  • Chris Price
  • Christina Mauzer
  • Dana Magee
  • Forrest Tennant
  • Gianna Stefanelli
  • Jared Knoblac
  • JJ Foccariacio
  • John Pisciotta
  • Juli Chiaet
  • Maraika NAjimain
  • Megan Cherry
  • Melissa “Nini” Rivera
  • Nyasa Cumsai
  • Phylicia Moore
  • Shane Barrett